A downloadable game for Windows

0.22 is out! It contains several new features, including fresh lakes, buildings, and a crafting guide!  Check out the UPDATES_README for more details.

Apocalypse Game is an Open Source fully moddable  post- apocalyptic adventure where you build tools, weapons and shelter, collect, and fight terrible creatures! Construct buildings, tools, or scrap them to make something far more useful! Play alone, on LAN or Online with friends- and enemies.
Make your own mods!

But most importantly....

Beware the Watcher.

Windows 7 + 64-Bit
80MB hard drive space min

Come join us on our discord for updates, joining with friends,polls, and announcements! Click the link below and have a voice in the development of the game!


A copy of the open source engine's code is here:

Install instructions

Unzip file, navigate to bin, then click on minetest! No need to install anything to begin play!


Apocalypse_Game_ALPHA0.20.10.142020.zip 70 MB
Apocalypse_Game_ALPHA0. 63 MB


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where to download brother I want to play it

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Thanks for letting me know! I have the link working now!

sure thanks man !